The Valentines Show Prep Package


The Valentines Package provides you with the knowledge you need to know for your Feb 14th show. Contents includes A Potted History of Valentines, Strange but True Valentines Facts, Valentines Love Quotes, Romantic Films, Phoner Topics, Chat Up Lines, Top Tens, Games, In Numbers, Websites and the lurvvv Music Section.


Don’t miss out with your listener this Valentines Day.  Use our Valentines Show Prep Package to add pep to your romantics shows – it’s the best radio showprep to help you with your shows this Valentines day.

Here’s what’s inside…

We have provided pages and pages of information but most importantly in easy to read segments and saved as a PDF.  Use on Mac’s PC’s tablets or your smartphone.  The Valentines package from is designed to give inspiration, and lots and lots and lots of material for Valentines shows.

Contents includes a potted history of Valentines, strange but true Valentines facts, love quotes, romantic films, phoner-topics, chat up lines, top ten’s list, on air games, Valentines in numbers, websites and the lurvvv music section.

What more would you need other than a card and some roses to give away.

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