Interactive Listener Questions & Talk Topic Generators:


Ever been stuck for a question topic to make your radio programmes twitter account, text or phone lines light up?  This is the proven list of interactive phoner questions. These are tried and tested Interactive Listener Questions & Talk Topic Starters that will trigger your conversation with your listener.


Twitter, Facebook, Text, Phoner – Talk Topic Questions with our interactive Listener Questions and Talk Topic Generators.

Our show prep is all about saving you time – who needs an app when you’ve got all the questions you need right here.

Interactive Listener Questions & Talk Topic Generators – The ideal studio companion for those days when the news agenda has just dried up, or you were so busy the day before your shift you just haven’t had time to create that killer question to fire up your listener – this is a collection of ideal talk topic generators.

Interactivity is the name of the game, you can use these for talk topic starters to fire up facebook, twitter, text or the telephone callers.  Interactive Listener Questions & Talk Topic Starters is designed by a breakfast producer, he had this compendium of questions at his side for use whenever things had dried up.  This means that they are tried and tested and simply work.   The rest is up to you.

Start a conversation with your listener with the Interactive Listener Questions & Talk Topic Generators.

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