129 ‘almost free’ Radio Station Marketing Ideas


The secrets of ‘almost free’ marketing and promotion for your radio station revealed. If you’re in community radio or run a small commercial radio station – you work on a budget, or no budget at all.  129 Radio Station Marketing ideas will show you how to market your radio station more or less for free.  These are 129 of the best radio station marketing ideas that work.  They are tried, tested and used by the multi award winning author of the book to increase awareness, gain listeners, keep listeners and listening for longer.


The secrets of ‘almost free’ marketing and promotion for your radio station revealed! – 129 ‘almost free’ Radio Station Marketing Ideas.

This digital book packs a powerful punch.  Inside is secret tips and radio station marketing ideas to build with your potential listener.  And they are tried and tested.  The author, Kevin Field, has used them to win audiences and win awards in the process.

This is perfect for you if you are working in community radio or a small commercial station, and if, whatever size station you’re running on a tight budget. This is the book for you.

This is 129 radio station marketing ideas, promotion mechanics and techniques are ready to be used for your radio station today.  By just using one of these ideas you’ll have a positive impact on awareness that you exist.

Tried and tested – each of the 129 radio station marketing ideas have been used and have worked.

About the author:

Kevin Field is a multi award winning radio producer, presenter, marketeer and communications expert.  He has programmed a station to  Radio Academy Station of the Year (London and South East), nominated for a Radio Academy Promotions and Marketing Awards and is a Clarion IVCA (EVCOM) Champion and Butler Trust award winner.  He’s also host of the top UK show Radio Skills for Podcasters.

Kevin Field - Author of 129 Radio Station Marketing Ideas.

Kevin Field – Author of 129 Radio Station Marketing Ideas.

Kevin was marketing director for the launch of CTR 105.6fm in Maidstone Kent.  Having already managed the awareness drives for KM groups East Kent stations, he used many of the techniques outlined in this book to create awareness for this new independent commercial station.

Kevin shares one of his tips and tricks that gained momentum for the station.  “It’s about being seen to be heard, and you can’t be everywhere, or can you?”  CTR created hundreds of A4 and A3 posters.  “We put them in every shop and every business in town”.  And that’s what everyone does, right?

The twist for CTR was that they asked everyone, who had a PRS/PPL licence, to tune in and display their poster.  Each month they would give away a months worth of advertising to one of the businesses displaying their poster and having the radio station tuned in, but they had to be listening to win.

Kevin shares “It works a treat, we give away advertising spots and they promoted us and kept us playing, In real terms it is very little cost to the station, and we can be strategic in how we approach it”.  he adds “It also made the station sound busy and connected to local business while promoting the power of radio advertising”.

This is just one of many ideas with the mechanics laid out of which you can take advantage when promoting your radio station.  This book is ideal for community radio, commercial radio, internet and student radio stations.  If your aim is to gain awareness and increase listening and get them listening for longer then 129 radio station marketing ideas is the book is for you.


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