101 Radio Marketing and Promotion Ideas you need to know!


COMING SOON – 101 radio Marketing and Promotion Ideas you need to know!

Working in marketing and sales or tasked with the job of promoting a radio station, these are the secrets of the trade.  In this book the author shares the truth about marketing a radio station.

The writer of this e-book was responsible for marketing several commercial radio stations using the majority of these successful promotional marketing techniques to help gain superb awareness for the brands and then great listening figures in RAJAR.

The author  was nominated by The Radio Academy for the Promotion and Marketing Awards for his promotions that cost the radio station virtually nothing but got people talking about it in its TSA.

Now for the first time the author shares these simple techniques that will enable commercial, BBC or community radio stations to become masters of their marketing and promotion – follow some of these tips and your station will gain awareness, hours and reach.

101 Radio Marketing and Promotion Ideas you need to know gives you simple but effective marketing techniques that you can apply to your radio station right away.  Some are so simple that you will wonder how it is you haven’t done them already.

Taken from years of experience and knowledge gained from promoting radio stations day in and day out.

The author covers everything from Twitter, Facebook, promotion staff, street level marketing, banners, buses, poster sites, local shops through to the car you drive around in.

About The Author

Kevin Field has been involved in radio since the age of 16.  He has been a breakfast producer for a flagship breakfast show with The Capital Radio Group – at the time the biggest radio group in the UK.  He  produced the very successful Robbie Vincent’s Sunday Morning soul for Jazz FM for two years and as a presenter he has worked almost every shift around the clock with too many stations to promote here.

In 2000 he was the marketing co-ordinator for the hugely successful re-launch of Canterbury’s CTfm, he marketed TLR 107.2fm to help the station reach its highest ever listening figures (still not surpassed by kmfm today). Kevin successfully launched CTR 105.6fm as Marketing Manager for the commercial radio station based in Maidstone Kent and went on to run his own business providing marketing support to radio stations.

Today Kevin is Head of Prison Media Development and the Project Manager at Radio Wanno for Media for Development, a non profit organisation empowering isolated communities through the use of media.  He has guided this unique radio project to win a multitude of awards including 5 IVCA Clarion Awards, 2 Mind Media award nominations and a win; and has a nomination as executive producer for a Sony Radio Academy Award.

Kevin also volunteers his time as a presenter, producer for local community station 106.9sfm based in Sittingbourne, Kent.

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