Are you your listeners a ‘brand’ ?

Are you ‘The Telegraph’ or ‘The Sun’ newspaper?  Maybe you’re a holiday on the Cost Del Sol or a trip to the culture and olive region of Aups in the South of France.  Or does your brand prefer the sun bed and sea to the ski slopes and snow?

brandRadio programmers and marketers know that listeners require two things – ‘want’ and ‘need’.  People tune into a radio station for what they want – entertainment, a  good song, engaging speech.  They also tune in for what they need – travel news, sense of the day, weather.  We can add social armoury and appeasing the kids and a plethora of other life related issues into the mix.  Yet what of your brand, what role does brand play in helping you to keep listeners or even get them in the first place?


The ‘Brand of You’ is a concept developed by fieldMEDIA Creative.  They look at every aspect of your brand and understand if it matches with that of your target customer, or listener and their ‘want’ and ‘need’.

At the outside the rules are quite simple.  Your favourite brand has values.  Those values relate to the products you consume in your life.  The core brands in your life also relate to each other.  You can create a family of core brands that link together towards a wider picture of your life habits.

It is similar to previous tools used by radio programmers and marketers.  Marquees and avatars were created to describe who the ideal listener should be. Female, 34 and drives a car, lives locally, rents a flat and so on.

However, life stages and tribes have added further to this thought process.

Life stages are where a listener who might share similar characteristics but are of a different age do have similar life styles and could be your ideal listener.  An example is a women who likes chic-lick books, reads Heat magazine, shares dinner with her girls on a Friday night, is seeing someone for a casual no strings relationship and earns around 19 thousand a year and lives in a City.  She has a one bed flat, uses the laundrette and her one luxury is expensive handbags.  She is 34.  Yet in the life stage scenario there is someone who does all the same things but she is 49.

Tribes relate to how people live their lives and what they do for a living.  A good example is a doctor who works a 7 day week, a University graduate, he reads the telegraph, holidays in South of France, drives a family saloon either Audi or VW.  He earns around 60k a year.  Votes conservative. He spends his time with like minded people.

In an alternate tribe example you have the director of a local cleaning company, left school at 16, he reads the sun, holidays in South of France, drives a family saloon either an Audi or BMW.  He earns around 60k a year.  Votes Conservative or UKIP. He spends time with like minded people.

Although they live with different ‘tribes’ their brand values cross over.  Yet will they listen to your radio station?

fieldMEDIA creative provide a  neat trick during their ‘Brand of You’ workshops where they help you understand your brand values and compare and contrast those to the brand values of some of the brands you buy.  The results can be quite interesting and the end result is that you are the brands you buy.

Today your avatar is combined with life stages alongside tribes, Add in the ‘brand of you’ test to understand what your listener buys into to understand what makes them tick.  Perhaps using a mixture of all these techniques as radio marketers and programmers we can better understand who our target listeners is.

Next time you’re looking at your target listener ask yourself are you the brand they would buy?

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