Christmas radio show ideas

Christmas is perfect for Showprep

Imagine the time it takes to create a huge compendium of Christmas radio show ideas and content for radio presenters / producer to use on their programmes.   Imagine the time it takes to find the accurate and entertaining information for yourself.  Not time at all if you download the Christmas Package from pay4prep.


Christmas is a time of the year where radio presenters and producers have the chance to be a little more creative. The lead in is bigger than the day itself, or two days if you count Boxing Day.  Therefore having great content for the countdown is always a must.

In radio content is always king. My view is that it is always better to have more content than not. That’s why I created the Christmas Package from Pay4prep.  In the first instance I created a simple version for my own shows and other presenters kept saying they’d like a version to use.

In radio content is always king

I then embarked on the concept of The Christmas Package and scoured books in libraries, yes a library, delved into online content,  founding that much of the online information was inaccurate or factually incorrect.

I found nuggets of information and stories of Christmas pasts, present and learnt much about the history of Christmas and the festive activities, readings and traditions that make it a magical time of year.

Next I began consulting with presenters and producers and spent a great deal of time collating this into easy to use sections. A few tester freebies were offered and the feedback was invaluable and favourable.

They asked for a compendium of radio games, Christmas cracker jokes, number 1 hits of Christmas and top 100 airplay songs.  I sent our street team, I had people working for another company I owned at the time carry out a street team survey for Christmas, it enabled P4P to compile the Top Ten’s of Christmas.

This project was no small measure.  When I look at what we achieved I am proud.  When all things are considered the pay4prep Christmas Package is the most comprehensive Christmas content available to radio stations.  I have noticed it copied on a free show prep website, copied to a degree with many inaccuracies bet ho hum you get what you pay for.  Each year we update and check the content and once again make it available via the pay4prep website.






What’s great about it is the amount of people on stations of all sizes who have downloaded the Christmas Package.  In the first few days back in 2006 when we launched the semi-finished product – lean testing is a great way of getting something to the market quick with income coming in.  Lean start has its risks with a possibility of alienating the audience if the product is substandard and we had a few issues with spelling and small grammatical or formatting errors, these were corrected quickly.

Originally it was a programme you opened on your computer and you could print each page, today it is a simple to use PDF download.  We change and develop all of our products by listening and learning from you.

The pay4prep Christmas Package audio version is coming

It hasn’t stopped there. More recently P4P have had clients requesting audio versions of our content.  This leads neatly to the latest iteration for the Christmas Package from pay4prep – we’re adding an audio version.

We’re creating the audio content for Christmas for your programmes, just like the text version pay4prep’s Audio Christmas Package it is a pay on demand service.  You download the audio files and use as many times as you wish, on any station you want to work on – licensed to you.

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