• 129-Radio-Marketing-Ideas

    129 ‘almost free’ Radio Station Marketing Ideas

    The secrets of ‘almost free’ marketing and promotion for your radio station revealed. If you’re in community radio or run a small commercial radio station – you work on a budget, or no budget at all.  129 Radio Station Marketing ideas will show you how to market your radio station more or less for free.  These are 129 of the best radio station marketing ideas that work.  They are tried, tested and used by the multi award winning author of the book to increase awareness, gain listeners, keep listeners and listening for longer.

  • Hits and Headlines Multi-pack. Get 5 programmes in a single pack.

    Hits and Headlines Multi-Pack all the decades…

    Get ready to go back in time.

    Ten rewind years for each decade – 50 shows in total.  Buy this pack and you save money.  The packs are sold as individual decades elsewhere on this website.

    We supply you with the programme format for a 30 minute show including ad breaks.  All the research is carried out including selected headlines from each year, a suggested songs list from the particular year.

    The programme sheet is formatted into a PDF running order.  Simply download the PDF file and off you go.  Use it on tablet, PC, Mac or your phone.

  • The Valentines Package Download Today

    The Valentines Show Prep Package

    The Valentines Package provides you with the knowledge you need to know for your Feb 14th show. Contents includes A Potted History of Valentines, Strange but True Valentines Facts, Valentines Love Quotes, Romantic Films, Phoner Topics, Chat Up Lines, Top Tens, Games, In Numbers, Websites and the lurvvv Music Section.

  • Ask the Answer and Get the Question… On Air Quiz Game

    The game that get’s your audience interactive. Ideal for twitter and text responses. Ask the answer and your listener has to get the question.

  • The Celebrity Anagram Radio Game from Pay4prep

    We’ve taken a celebrities name and mixed the letters up to form new words, can you guess who our hidden celebrity is from their Celebrity Anagram and our clues? In fact we’ve taken lost of celebrity names and mixed them up in this feature that will last for weeks.

  • Same Title Different Song Radio Game

    Same Title Different Song – Can your listener guess the songs you’re going to play next… This is an A to Z of songs with the same title but recorded by a different artist.  There’s enough examples here to keep this feature going for weeks.

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